Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine is recognized by nutritionists as healthy diet. It is rich in carbohydrate and contains little fat; two important characteristics that help Japanese become the people who are expected to live the longest life. (Reported by United Nations World Population Prospects)

At Sumo, we bring authentic Japanese cuisine that retains the two healthy features to our guests with elegant presentation and tasteful flavors. Our Japanese cuisine menu offers healthy lunch and dinner bento boxes, stir-fried Japanese noodle (yakisoba), rich-flavored noodle soup (udon), and broiled eel rice bowl (unagi don) prepared by sushi chef.

Many guests here enjoy meals on our hibachi grills and sushi dishes from sushi bar, but more and more are coming here to savor the taste of Japan. Here is the place for co-workers to come during lunch time to grab a healthy bento box at an affordable price; for couples and friends to enjoy meal time at a casual and relaxed pace.