Hibachi, or teppanyaki, literally means “pan-fried on a iron grill” in Japanese. Nowadays in Japanese steakhouses, a hibachi grill is placed in the middle of a U-shaped table, allowing up to ten guests to enjoy the cooking show performed by the teppanyaki chef at the same time.

Sitting right in front of grill lets all guests be where the action is: from flaming fire, erupting volcano made up of onion slices to juggling eggs in the air and chef’s expert knife skills. The fun of this unique dining experience is unlimited.

Each entrée comes with soup, fresh salad with our special house dressing, generous portion of grilled fresh vegetables, grilled noodle and fried rice, and of course, generous portion of your choice of premium steak, seafood, or chicken.

At Sumo, there is much more. Everything from vegetables, rice, noodle, to your choice of seafood, steak, or chicken is cooked right in front of you. You can see the freshness and portion of ingredients and decide how chefs cook the hibachi meal to your specific liking simply by communicating with them on the spot.

As guests get to see everything in how chefs cook the meal from start to finish, they come to appreciate and praise the philosophy of open grills in the dining area.

When you visit Sumo, sit back and enjoy the show. A unique cooking performance is about to begin.