It’s well known that sushi is a work of arts in food preparation and culinary that originated from Japan. It takes years of study for sushi chefs to master the arts and knowledge before they are recognized as professionals.

Sushi chefs turn pieces of fresh raw fish and seafood into a delicious dish with an elegant presentation. A full list of seafood ingredients that are prepared with sushi rice may be viewed on our Sushi a la carte Menu.

If the idea of eating raw fish bewilders you, start with sushi rolls first. Some of the popular rolls such as California rolls are among many new-comers’ favorites. Be sure to check out our Special Rolls Menu. These special rolls are the creation of traditional Japanese sushi meeting modern taste. Once you’ve tried one of them, you wouldn’t have the same opinion about sushi.

The key to delicious sushi is the freshness of the fish ingredients. At Sumo, we insist on the highest quality and freshness. Sushi is never pre-made and stored in refrigerator for re-sale here. Every order is made freshly to each guest’s specific order. Fishes that are beyond their freshness date are discarded and never used in any food preparation.

We work hard to make sure that our guests taste the freshest and most delicious sushi in our restaurant. That is the reason our sushi menu is priced reasonably and not offered in an all-you-can-eat style.

For diners who would like to experience the true delicious taste of sushi, you are invited to come to Sumo to taste what our splendid sushi menu has to offer.